You need to register via in order to view online sessions and submit questions.

Registration Includes:
*Access to the sessions of all national and international speakers to be held on the virtual platform on May 22-23, 2021 with simultaneous translation (English-Turkish-Russian).
* Digital certificate signed by the International Vestibular Association.
The participants’ attendance to the sessions will be monitored by Serenas Live. The participants who attend at least 75 % of the sessions can request their certificate of participation from the kiosk at the Atrium after filling in the evaluation form. You can access the details showing your certificate earning rate from the user profile
* Access to documents in download centers located in company stand areas.
* The opportunity to visit the stand areas, and to meet with company representatives online with Chat, Zoom and Whatsapp modules.
Opportunity to download the presentations allowed by the speakers as pdf.
For more information and registration process, please send an e-mail message to Organizing Secretariat Serenas Tourism([email protected])